Global House Price Index Q3 2019

Research Date: Monday, 30 December 2019
Global House Price Index Q3 2019 | KF Map Indonesia Property, Infrastructure

The Global House Price Index tracks the movement in mainstream residential prices across more than 50 countries and territories worldwide using official statistics. 

The data in this report is backward looking and covers the period before
Covid-19 became a global issue. The results for 2019 point towards an
improvement in values but this is likely to be reversed in H1 2020, however we expect the main impact of Covid-19 will be to reduce transaction volumes.

2019 was a year when global economic uncertainty and political intensified, yet house prices increased in more countries than ever before. Some 96% of the 56 countries we track saw house prices either rise or remain flat in 2019.

Demographics, low interest rates and the appeal of tangible assets in tumultuous times may explain heightened demand and hence price rises but so too may a shortage of new supply and the fact that labour markets and wages defied the malaise and registered healthy growth in many advanced economies in 2019.

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