The Governor of the Central Bank of Indonesia (BI) Perry Warjiyo is confident that Indonesia’s economic growth in 2022 may reach within the range of 4.7% - 5.5%, higher than the 2021 estimated growth of 3.2% - 4%. The growth will be supported by several economic indicators, including the controlled inflation and stable exchange rate and the integrated synergy between the fiscal and monetary authorities during t... [read more]
Full-year inflation remained below Bank Indonesia’s (BI) target range for 2021, but relaxation in mobility curbs led prices to gradually increase, at least from September last year. Indonesia Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reported that Consumer Price Index (CPI) was up 1.87% yoy in December 2021, the highest since July 2020. On a monthly basis, the inflation rate was 0,57% or the highest level in two years. [read more]
Randugunting Dam is the 14th dam to be inaugurated in early January 2022 by President Jokowi from the total of 15 dams completed in 2021. The dam’s physical construction with the capacity of 14.43 cubic meters is completed 10 months earlier from the scheduled November 2022. In addition to supply water and irrigation, Randugunting Dam will also function as a flood control and it has the potential to be a Solar P... [read more]
Bogor Regency government will collaborate with the Greater Jakarta Transprotation Agency (Badan Pengelola Transportasi Jabodetabek/BPJT) in constructing a skybridge at Bojong Gede Station. The project is aimed to ease traffic congestion around the station with investment estimated up to Rp 16 billion. The skybridge will connect Bojong Gede Station to Bojong Gede Terminal. The project is planned to be auction in March... [read more]
Podomoro Golf from PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APL) will conduct the hand-over and signing of the Land Transaction Deed (AJB) of Gunadarma University in the Podomoro Golf View area. Podomoro Golf View is committed to create a joint venture to realize its area as the international-scaled New Education Destination. Gunadarma University will start the construction in mid-2022 and completed by the end of 2023. [read more]
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