Why do I need a subscription?
KF InfraMap is a web service that provides instant access to real estate property data and infrastructure searches and enables to plot targeted properties and make comparisons of facilities/amenities as well as infrastructures, manage opportunities, and present property profile reports. Constant updates are performed. In order to enjoy full access and features to the data, you need to subscribe to KF InfraMap service.
Does my subscription auto-renew?
No. Yearly subscriptions to the KF InfraMap's services are not renewed automatically. You will be alerted to renew one month prior to your end of subscription period. If you don’t renew by paying the one-year renewal fee, your subscription will cancel at the end of your current billing period.
Can I request for a free trial before purchasing a subscription?
Yes, you can by submitting your request for a free trial via the request form.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Please contact our Support Specialist at 021-570-7170 or email at [email protected] to cancel your subscription.
Do I need a fast Wi-Fi connection?
KF InfraMap is a web service solution that provides mobile access to property and infrastructure databases.

In order to enjoy uninterrupted access to the KF InfraMap service, you'll need a strong broadband connection and a fast, reliable Wi-Fi signal. A weak Wi-Fi signal can reduce your bandwidth and cause connectivity issues, such as the browser not responding when you touch the map, slow access to data, failed subscription verification.
KF InfraMap subscription durations and prices
Currently, we only offer a flat 12-Month subscription for Rp5 million. Payment will be charged to your Credit Card Account at confirmation of purchase.
What devices does KF InfraMap support?
KF InfraMap can be accessed easily using all computers and any other devices such as Mobile Phones, Laptop and Desktop Computers, Tablets, with a supported web browser. To get the most out of your data search experience, we always recommend to use the latest browser version, 64-bit Windows and have sufficient memory (RAM) installed.