with all the necessary data and information needed as an initial site search
Expand your reach & ability to operate
Search & Compare Your Properties in Real-Time
We provide comprehensive map-based coverage on various property sectors and infrastructure data, creating simple solutions that drive positive business outcomes. This service is ideal for Real Estate Practitioners, Developers, Owners, Lenders Investors, Retailers and Corporates
Access profiles on over 700 residential properties
In Three Major Cities
Access profiles on over 1,900 commercial properties
In Three Major Cities
Inframap tracks infrastructure data across all cities in Indonesia
Covering Java & Bali Islands
Area Coverages
• Greater Jakarta
• Bali
• Surabaya
• And many more to come...
Data Coverages
Various Property Sectors
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Township
  • Mixed-Use Project/Superblock
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  • Toll Road
  • Mass Transit
  • Port
  • Transportation Line
Why Knight Frank Inframap?
Timely and Reliable
Real-time coverage across all markets and property types as well as infrastructures – updated continuously. A vast network of independent sources, state of the art technology and meticulously researched by a dedicated team of real estate professionals
Powerful and Easy to Use
An intuitive, easy to navigate platform combining powerful search options with interactive displays that provide you the ability to quickly find property data and make comparisons along with our infrastructure data
Total Coverage
Full coverage across property sectors and infrastructures as well as the only source with a regional perspective and local market expertise
Responsive Client Service
Friendly and responsive, highly skilled Support Specialists are on hand to assist with questions, special requests or training to help maximize the value of our solutions
Email Alerts for Recent News and Research Reports
Save time and always be in the know – run any search and set an email alert to be notified of any changes that occur
KF InfraMap gives you the competitive edge
Built on our cloud-based location intelligence platform, KF InfraMap is an application that helps you conduct real estate property searches with abilities to plot targeted properties and make comparisons of facilities/amenities as well as infrastructures, manage opportunities, and present property profile reports.
Research Properties Anytime, Anywhere
Stay productive wherever you are. With the KF InfraMap Internet-Based, you're able to access it anytime, anywhere as long as you are online. For future development, it would also allow you to plot your properties with notes. The next time you log in on desktop, anything you have added to a property will be saved automatically.
Access the Most Comprehensive Property
& Infrastructure Data Available
Tap into our database of more than 2,600 properties in three major cities in Indonesia to add fresh, detailed infrastructures and property information. The data is updated continuously so you get the most accurate information available.

This service is ideal for real estate professionals, developers/owners, lenders, investors, retailers and corporates who work in various business industries.
KF InfraMap helps you with…
Initial Site Selection
Find opportunities faster than the competition. KF InfraMap allows you to search and plot for parcels by address, property type, total number of units, total building size, year built and much more.
Competition Analysis
Understand your proximity to other build sites. KF Inframap provides a comparison of multi-sector nearby properties to help you understand the competitive landscape. You can view instant Google Street View that provides interactive panoramas and real images from positions along many streets.
Nearby Locations of Facilities, Amenities and Infrastructures
You can also overlay points of interest, facilities, amenities and infrastructure data, as well as understand if the subject property is in an opportunity zone.
Need Other Services?
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Consultancy & Research
Market and feasibility studies, highest and best use studies, site research, industry overview research, township service charge/ maintenance cost studies, market repositioning analysis, strategic portfolio review, investment strategy and due diligence, value enhancement strategy.
Valuation Advisory
Valuation of all property types throughout Indonesia for mortgage, financial reporting, acquisition & disposal, insurance and loan workout. Valuation is an important element in IPO and REIT listing, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring & Investment decision.
Investment Sales
Assist in the acquisition and disposal of all types of investment grade real estate, which include entire residential, office, retail and industrial properties or part thereof, hotels, golf courses, luxury bungalows as well as development land. Provide advice on acquisition and divestment strategies to help optimize returns and values.
Residential Project Sales
and Leasing
Project consultancy, marketing and sales of new local and overseas residential developments. Our experienced marketing team will tap on innovative ideas, good understanding of the local market & property trends, and capitalize on its strong networking to ensure successful project launches.
Commercial Sales
and Leasing
Advisory and tenant representation services for offices investors and occupiers. Corporate consultancy and advisory services on an organisation's occupation needs. Creation and implementation of marketing strategies for new commercial projects.
Property Management and Building Engineering Services
Asset and Property Management Services (Asset Management, Facility/ Property Management & Consultancy, Marketing Communication, Technical Building Due Diligence), Engineering Support Services (M&E Design Review, M&E Audit, M&E Maintenance Management, Energy Audit, Energy Management, Testing & Commisioning).