Australian Prime Residential Review Q2 2021

Research Date: Monday, 12 July 2021
Australian Prime Residential Review Q2 2021 | KF Map – Digital Map for Property and Infrastructure in Indonesia

Across Australia’s prime regions, the volume of sales in QI 2021 tallied at 1,429 prime properties; the highest quarter on record. The average days on market for a prime property in Australia was 119 days in Ql 2021. Over this time, Perth's prime properties were being marketed for 27 days less on average, the most compression across Australia.
Australia's prime price performance trended below the global average of 4.6% annual growth and its prime annual growth was led by Perth (4.1%), Brisbane (3.8%) and Gold Coast (3.5%).In Ql 2021, Gold Coast recorded the strongest prime rental yield at 3.37%. Rental growth was steady for prime properties in Australia in Ql 2021. Sydney saw the greatest rise in new prime apartment prices over this time with 10.6%, followed by the Gold Coast with 10%.

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