Asia Pacific Residential Highlights June 2020

Research Date: Tuesday, 7 July 2020
Asia Pacific Residential Highlights June 2020 | KF Map Indonesia Property, Infrastructure

Regional and global residential markets have been severely disrupted over the last four months, with lockdowns and aggressive social distancing rules significantly hindering market activity with viewings unable to be conducted. In some markets, show flats have been closed and developers have postponed launches.

However, with lockdowns being eased, we are now starting to see activity return, with a number of markets seeing a strong uptick in enquiries and potential activity. With the importance of Asian buyers and investors, not only in their domestic markets but also in markets overseas, likely to be hugely influential, it is worth considering where they could be going next in their residential property purchases.

This paper will take a look at current regional Asian market performance, then drill down into two key regional markets, Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition, it will look at current activity in two of the most important destinations for Asian capital: London and Sydney. It will then consider some of the key themes, drivers and factors that could influence buying behaviour and destination choice into the second half of 2020 and beyond.

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